Forging Partnerships
Advancing Growth


At Bison Fund Management we pride ourselves in
building great business relationships.

Bison Fund Management focuses on growing tribally-owned businesses.

Bison Fund Management is a Native American-owned private investment firm focused on investing in tribally-owned businesses where we can generate a positive impact on the company and all its stakeholders.

Our Strength

Over 70 years of investment experience with extensive deal flow

Our Focus

Opportunities for above-average returns with below-average risk

Our Impact

Generate consistent positive returns while benefiting all stakeholders

Bison SBIC Fund

Our strategy focuses on investments that have a positive impact on our Native American population by investing in:

Our investments will be focused primarily in Oklahoma and neighboring states, such as Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, New Mexico and Texas, all of which have significant Native American populations.