Bison SBIC Fund

Our strategy focuses on investments that have a positive impact on our Native American population by investing in:

  1. Companies owned and/or managed by Native Americans;
  2. Companies that employ or service the Native American population; or
  3. Geographic areas with a high Native American population.

Our investment focus is primarily in Oklahoma and neighboring states, such as Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, New Mexico and Texas, all of which have significant Native American populations.

We invest primarily in companies within the following industries: Business Services, Motor Freight Transportation and Warehousing, Hotels and Rooming Houses, Nursing and Personal Care Facilities, Automotive Services, and Telephone Communications. Within these industries, we will focus on businesses that typically employ and/or serve the Native American population, or are located in regions with a high Native American population.

We also look for opportunities to partner with Native American tribes by investing in economic development deals that do not involve gaming and are not located on reservations or land in trust.

Our typical investment ranges from $1 million to $5 million in small businesses, as defined by the Small Business Administration. We provide security types ranging senior and junior secured debt to preferred stock and common equity (in connection with mezzanine investment). We do not invest in start-up companies or those operating in oil & gas exploration, financial services, real estate, or agriculture.